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[Wednesday, October 26th, 05
@ 4:57pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Right Where it Belongs: Nine Ince Nails
Third Eye: Tool
Coma White: Marilyn Manson
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds: The Beatles
Passive: A Perfect Circle


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dee dee dee [Thursday, October 13th, 05
@ 4:44pm]
[ mood | devious ]

I was bored...

Alyssa is:
Now eating cereal
Available for adoption and is of Africian-american decent
Marketing and profiting from her sex appeal
Fed through a tube in her tummy
A lesbian

Zac is:
Absolutly incredible
Bright green
Long and Beautiful
Is still yours right?

Katie is:
So devoted to Tom
In labor
Unsure what to do with her $10 million bonus
Furious over what she sees as the hijacking of her domain

Andrea is:
Has spina bifida
Serving a life sentence for drowning the children
Actually polish
A very, very sick woman
The Queen Bitch

Dan is:
Just mad
Mentioned in the Bible
Losing friends fast
Celebrating with plenty of cow pie
Getting old

Bridget is:
Actually male
On drugs
Slobbering alcoholic
Often seen with a ciggarette in her hand
Gulping alcohol

Michelle is:
Burning her own face
Flexing her throat muscles
Quite angry
Not a hoe
Running away from her feelings

Jes is:
My homeboy
Federaly recognized
Dominating the systematics
Sexier than you
In heat

K-la is:
Raped by Jack
Buried under this rock
Afraid of makeup
Irresponsible and immature

Davy is:
Left an orphan
Absolutly refreshing
An asshat
Blaming the entire Echo Project

Nate is:
Your favorite
Intelligent submissive wimp
Trying to blow up the hamburger buns
In shock
Now alone outside naked

Lafè is:
A native of Nigeria
Backgammon fiend
Only interested in marrying his daugher
An onery man
Famous for his impatience

Kristina is:
The ultimate woman
Worried that
Tahiska will be killed by angry soldiers
The problem
A cancer survivor

Tracy is:
A new man
A wimp
A snob
Flying high


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[Monday, October 10th, 05
@ 4:20pm]
[ mood | DIRTY ]

NINE INCH NAILS is by far the most spetacular band that will ever exist. I have seen A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson, and Queens of the Stonage, but NIN is the most amazing.

They came onstage, opening with "Pinion." Trent was full of energy, moving about the stage, belting out each song with his powerful voice. During "Getting Smaller" he jumped offstage and he was "just another face in the crowd." The strobe lights danced across the across the faces of every drunken problem child, and I could feel the music in my veins. As "The Line Begins to Blur" began, a smoky colored screen surrounded the stage, and images of death, destruction, the deformed, and animals eating each other overtook the screen. Once "Beside you in Time", the acid song, started, those images tranformed into pulsating, trippy ass designs.

By the end of the show, the guitar was smashed into pieces that scattered across the stage, and the guitarist was raping the amp. When he walked offstage, he tripped over Trent's mic stand, and that made me giggle. From what I can remember, the following songs were played:
All the Love in the World
Getting Smaller
The Hand that Feeds
Right Where it Belongs
The Line Begins to Blur
Beside you in Time
Head Like a Hole
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
The Wretched
No, You Don't
Happiness in Slavery

Great show. Greeeeeat show. It was worth every penny.

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FRIENDS ONLY [Saturday, February 7th, 04
@ 2:53pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Friends only bitches...

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